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Tasting menu

- Leaving the comfort zone -

Local cuisine subject to season, valuing the land in which we find ourselves, which provides us with the best raw material, the product, the main axis of our follies.

The tasting menu, with an approximate duration of about 2 hours, is presented as a play where we do what we like the most, cook, have fun cooking and have fun with us, the tasting menu, our hallmark, relax... .. we start.


(National winner skewer 2020 and world runner-up 2021 Valladolid)


La Vera, the Paprika


pate croute


Asparagus from Tudela de Duero, black garlic, basil and almonds


Sticky duck rice and foie gras


Wild sea bass, marinated scallop, roasted pumpkin and curry


Acorn-fed Iberian pork, parsnip, pickled walnut and Iberian pork broth


truffled cheek


Lemon lime


Goat panna cotta, sauternes



*All menu items are individual

*Availability of some products according to market

*Warehouse not included

*Available until 3:15 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.

*Full table menu

*Maximum 6 diners


Bread service included in the price

In case of allergy or intolerance, inform our room staff.

10% VAT included - Prices expressed in Euros (€)

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